Street Rally: Tokyo Edition

Street Rally is back with an awesome edition: Tokyo. Lets blow off some steam! This is the ultimate car racing game! It is called Street Rally, the Tokyo Edition and this is a competition on the streets of the "capital of drift" between you and a CPU. You have the opportunity to choose between 3 cars: Ford Mustang, Dodge Charger, and Nissan Skyline. Choose your car very carefully because every single one has a different way of driving on the race track and has advantages and disadvantages. But I would recommend the Nissan for the beginners. It's a much more stable car than the others. After you choose your favorite car, you get to set the IQ of the CPU. That means that you can choose to the difficulty level and you will find 3 racing modes. The twist of this game is the way of driving and the look of the track. The urban structure of the track makes Tokyo the best city do be having a drifting competition. But if the challenge of Street Rally: Tokyo Edition is a bit too much for you then maybe you should try other activities besides driving. Roam through the cars, choose one and improve your drifting skills with Street Rally Tokyo Edition!