Pizza Parking

Park the Pizza Delivery Car and park it fast! Customers are waiting for their food, and if you are not accurate and on time, you`ll lose some points from the final score. Watch out for the obstacles left in the middle of the road, or the cars that are left in the way by your fellow workers, guess they are in a rush too. So don`t collide with them, cause your car can get damaged very fast, thus points will be lost, or if you bump in too many cars you`ll lose the game. In the first level you have only 50 seconds to get to the marked spot, the difficulty rises as you advance. You will have to complete 15 levels in total, in record time and if possible no damage to earn the highest score. Drive the little pizza car with the Arrow keys or the WASD keys, the brakes will be activated by pressing the Space bar. Enjoy!