Park My Truck 3

Not your ordinary truck parking game, here is something different for you, just click it and you will be amazed. Your task will be to park the truck on the marked spot with the highest precision there is, i know you are used to this, but wait for it. The obstacles are not cars left in the middle of the road, you will need great driving and parking skills for this game, and if you don`t have it...well what are you waiting for, start playing. You can choose the difficulty level you prefer: easy, medium and hard, also you will have to drive crane truck, bus, train, ship or helicopter...sounds interesting, does it not? The hints are only available in the easy levels, so choose wisely! You can move with the WASD or Arrow keys, for the helicopter is a little bit different, you will have to use ZXAD and W keys to navigate. Have a blast!