International Airport Parking

Try to park your car at the international airport before the plane leaves! Use your Arrow keys to handle your car and you Space bar to brake. Sometimes you will have to park your car backwards, which will prove itself to be a little tricky. But practice makes perfect! You can unlock twelve amazing levels and after finishing each one, you will get a gold, silver or bronze trophy, depending on how well you do. Be careful and not bump into other cars or objects, because you will damage your car. In the upper left part of your screen you can see your health bar, and when it runs out you lose the level and have to try again. Also be sure to succeed parking your car before the time runs out. You can also see your time next to the health bar. Your score will depend both on the damage you do to your car and the time in which you finish each level. Try to win all the golden trophies and do not forget, catch that plane!