Video Walkthrough for NY Cab Driver

NY Cab Driver game details:

A game, with many interesting extra features, it is called NY Cab Driver. It is not your regular taxi driving game, you will have to follow the strict orders, like drive to the tuning shop, or go to an address where a client is waiting for you. Some help is available, so you would not get lost in the great city of New York. Arrows will show you where to go, marked places will tell you where to park exactly. Watch out for the other cars, don`t bump into them, cause you`ll damage the taxi, and precious points will be lost! Be on time, that is very important, the clients have to be pleased with your services. In every level you will have to complete different tasks, for getting the directions you can access the mini map on your screen. Use the Arrow keys to navigate, press the Space bar for the brakes. Have a great day in the Big Apple!