Redneck Drift

If you like drifting, this game will make your wishes come true! Start the game by choosing the style of game between simple racing, racing against time, drifting or destroying. Each game has its own objectives, and by completing them you receive cash, which allows you to upgrade your car. You can choose to improve its acceleration, steering and speed. In racing, your objective is to finish first, trying to do this in under one minute and getting at least 500 drifting score. In racing against time you have to finish in a maximum of 35 seconds. Do not forget to stay on the road and do not hit objects! In drifting you have to get a score as high as possible and in destroyer your objectives is to destroy all road cones and road barriers in less than one minute. Use your Arrow keys to control you car and do not get fooled, because neither challenge is easy. Try and win all types of races!